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Software Downloads

Emerson Network Power offers downloads for a number of Liebert data center monitoring software products that optimize data center infrastructure management.

Liebert Nform, Network Communications System (demo software)
Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
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Liebert MultiLink, Automated Shutdown Software(versions 1.5, 3.6 & 3.7)
Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/AIX/Linux/Sun Solaris/HP-UX/Novell Netware
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Liebert IntelliSlot, Web Card Interface MIBs
For all devices and operating systems
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Firmware OCWEBCARD HID3 2.400.3 (R 06/10)
OC-WEB Card found in small UPS units

Firmware IS-WEBCARD HID6 3.100.3 (R 06/10)
IS-WEB Card found in small UPS units

IS-WEBCARD HID9 5.300.0_069348 (08/12)
Web, SNMP- GXT3, Nfinity

RPC_HID16_4.940.0_069682 (08/12)
Web, SNMP- MPX and MPH rach PDUs

Firmware IS-WEBLBDS HID7 3.210
IS-WEB Card found in Liebert DS air units

Firmware OCNIC_REV2_BLD94
OpenComms NIC and NIC-485, running version 2.x

Firmware OCWEB-ADPT_HID5_3_121_1 (01/10)
OCWEB Adapter found in large Air, UPS and Power units, running version 3.x

Firmware IS-WEBLB HID7 3.310.3 (R 06/10)
IS-WEBLB Card found in NX UPS units

Firmware IS-WEBLB_HID10_5.010.1 (06/10)
IS-WEBLB Card found in NX UPS units

IS-IPBML _HID10_5.1E0.0_069921 (08/12)
Modbus IP, BACnet IP - v4- Cooling and APM

IS-485L_HID12_5.290.0_069221 (08/12)
Modbus 485 - v4 Cooling and APM

IS-WEBL_HID10_5.280.0_069921 (08/12)
Web, SNMP- v4- Cooling and APM

IS-WEBX_HID14_6.1J0.1_070423 (08/12)
Web, SNMP- v4 - NXL

IS-WEBADPT_HID10_5.2A0.1_069833 (08/12)
Web, SNMP, Modbus 485 - IGM- UPS, Cooling, Power Equipment

IS-485X_HID13_6.1D0.1_070423 (08/12)
Modbus 485 -v4 - NXL

IS-IPBMX_HID14_6.1C0.3_070423 (08/12)
Modbus IP -v4 - NXL

Liebert Distribution Monitor Documentation and Software

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Liebert LDMF Distribution Monitor and VPMP
Toolkit May 9 2012

Liebert Distribution Monitor (LDM) Toolkit

Liebert OpenComms EM Environmental Monitor Software Downloads

MIB - MIB EM Controller (R 10/04)
MIB - MIB EM PDU Controller (R 10/04)