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Whenever, wherever and for whatever reason, if you need answers or assistance, we will be ready to make sure your system is up and running. We have more than 300 direct service engineers in Asia, with only "One-call" you have the solution for all critical services.

Installation and Startup Services

Emerson Network Power guarantees that your equipment will be up and running immediately once delivered to your doorstep. We give you confidence that your equipment is at optimum performance. More information.


Standard Warranty Service

Emerson Network Power always makes it a point to only deliver reliable products in the marketplace. Nevertheless, Emerson guarantees one year standard warranty support coverage on each product sold to you. More information.


Extended Warranty Service

Peace of mind provided by Emerson Network Power certified service and support experts. With our Extended Warranty Service package, count on us and consider it solved. Risk Free, low cost and better ROI. More information.


Power Assurance Package

The Power Assurance Package bundles a number of key service elements with a Liebert GXT 4.5/6/10kVA UPS. It combines the best UPS in the business with the industry’s premier service capability to offer you convenience, information and increased uptime for five full years. More information.


Data Center Audit

The Data Center Audit Program is a half-day audit of your data centre, during which an Emerson expert in data centre design and operations compares your infrastructure against more than 50 industry best practices, and identifies your overall risks and capacity challenges. More information.


Data Center Environment Assessment

Data centers continue to dynamically grow both in number and size. This growth rate is spurred by the increasing number of powerful servers installed in data centers and the demands of supporting equipment such as cooling and power. More information.


Preventive Maintenance Service

Emerson Network Power’s preventive maintenance program helps you maximize the reliability and performance of your power systems and provides you total peace-of-mind. Emerson’s trained and certified technicians will implement this service through use of proper tools and genuine parts to ensure longer system reliability. More information.


Remote Monitoring Service

Capture critical systems data and turn it into action with the remote monitoring service from Emerson. A proven reliable means to know the health and status of your critical infrastructure from alarm notification to custom escalation plans and proactive diagnosis. More information.