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Purafil Products - Corrosion Monitors

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Tools

Purafil’s patented OnGuard ® monitoring technology enables customers to prevent problems caused by gaseous pollutants. Using OnGuard ®, refineries can prevent corrosion of computer controls and museums can prevent decay of priceless works of art.

Purafil is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Single-Source Manufacturer of Media, Modules, Equipment and Instrumentation. Ask for only genuine Purafil factory products! Do not be confused by companies that strictly buy and resell other products that sacrifice quality and performance. Contact your local Purafil Representative today to order Genuine Purafil Products!

Passive Monitoring with Coupons

Reactivity monitoring using “Coupons” is a reliable and cost-effective means of gathering the information necessary to better understand your internal and external environments.

Real-Time Monitoring with OnGuard®

Purafil’s OnGuard® real-time air quality monitor helps to solve corrosion problems before severe damage occurs. Place the OnGuard® monitor at the outlet of your scrubber to verify clean air or in the room to establish air quality trends. OnGuard® monitors help to prevent problems associated with harmful airborne gases. Read why Purafil’s OnGuard is better than the competition.


Technical Services

From laboratory Media Life Analysis to on-site consultations, Purafil offers responsive technical and laboratory support to solve your corrosion problems and improve process reliability. Click here to learn more about the most advanced gas-phase air filtration research and development laboratory!

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