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Purafil Products


Our core technology is the engineering and manufacture of dry-chemical pellets called “media” which are the heart of our air filtration systems. Purafil continues to set the standards in the development of new and superior air filtration technology. With more than 30 years experience in dry-chemical filtration, our customers are assured of the highest return on investment.

Air Filters

Because every application is unique, Purafil provides built-to-order filtration systems. From the smallest pleated filter to the largest air scrubber, we offer the widest range of system designs to meet your unique space, airflow, and pressure drop requirements.



Corrosion Monitors

Purafil’s patented OnGuard® monitoring technology, provides customers with real-time, air quality information. From museums and archives to refineries and cleanrooms, OnGuard® monitors enable customers to verify the performance of their Purafil filters and take control of their environment.


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