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Supercharge Your Infrastructure with the Right UPS and Cooling Technologies


Green computing, IT consolidation, virtualization, and blade servers – to name a few – bring daily challenges. Nothing short of completely-reliable IT systems and networks will do when the CEO is counting on you to help keep business running seamlessly.

Liebert power and cooling technologies help you create an IT infrastructure that is ready for anything – unplanned outages, unpredictable growth, and unexpected technologies. Efficiency Without Compromise provides a path to optimize data center infrastructure around design, operating and management efficiencies—while maintaining or improving availability.

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Blade Servers

With the pressure to drive data center operating cost lower, organizations are packing equipment into as little space as possible. Blade servers offer increased performance and scalability, but can raise rack densities toward 30kW and above. If the heat is not removed effectively, the performance of your IT equipment is significantly reduced. Liebert power and cooling solutions help protect your blade servers, while still protecting your IT system availability.

Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation eliminates IT redundancy, increases IT asset utilization and reduces management and operating costs. Today’s infrastructure dynamics require flexible, scalable, adaptable and cost effective power and cooling solutions. The Liebert NX online UPS and Softscale UPS technology, for example, provide flexibility while ensuring availability.

Energy Efficient Computing

As electrical prices and IT power consumption continue to rise, energy efficiency is a driving factor in data center design. Liebert power and cooling products can help you cut energy costs without sacrificing computing availability. For example, Liebert XD cooling can reduce cooling costs by greater than 30 percent.

Higher Availability

New technology and business demands are driving advanced processing and data storage. Data networks today increasingly require always-on availability. Any downtime and resulting lost revenues are not acceptable in today’s competitive environment. Liebert power and cooling solutions, coupled with proactive monitoring, provide optimal protection and ensure overall network availability.

Regulatory Compliance

Are you prepared to deliver continuous data availability to meet regulatory requirements for financial and IT controls? The laws and regulations do not provide a blueprint for protecting your information. But they do prescribe penalties if you fail to protect your critical data. Liebert's mission-critical power, cooling and monitoring technology ensures business continuity and high availability for your data and applications.


Business resiliency, rapid application deployment, infrastructure simplification and utilization are compelling benefits of a virtualized IT network. Liebert provides adaptable power and cooling solutions that protect your critical IT investment, while reducing your overall cost of ownership. Operating expenses can easily be lowered by 20 to 30 percent or more, while you gain a higher degree of disaster recovery.