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Hospitals / Healthcare

Protect and Secure Your Healthcare Facility's Critical Infrastructures

Healthcare Information Technology systems including electronic medical records and digital imaging are revolutionizing healthcare by streamlining processes, eliminating waste, improving accuracy and, most importantly, improving patient outcomes. As these systems become integral to healthcare delivery, their continuous operation becomes increasingly critical. Protecting these Healthcare IT systems, both in the data center and throughout the hospital, is essential for delivering positive patient outcomes and doctor satisfaction.

Emerson Network Power is the recognized leader in ensuring your IT infrastructure is ready for anything by bringing technological superiority, product breadth, service infrastructure and local presence. This unequalled industry expertise makes Emerson Network Power your ideal partner for IT Operations support.

Emerson Network Power is trusted by healthcare entities such as regional hospitals, community hospitals, outpatient centers, laboratory services, imaging clinics and local physician offices to protect their critical applications in support of their duties as doctors, clinicians and nurses.

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Higher Availability for Life Critical Data Centers

Your healthcare IT systems are not just critical, they’re life critical. Liebert power and cooling solutions, coupled with proactive monitoring, help drive higher availability of the systems that process, store and transmit electronic health records, digital images and medical orders. 


Hospital Facility Support

As IT systems for care delivery expand out of the data center and into the hospital, your high-availability IT infrastructure must protect the hospital as well. Liebert products support the needs of nursing stations, operating suites and patient rooms and deliver data center-like availability.


Data Center Energy Efficiency

You’re required to meet your hospital’s mandates for increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Liebert solutions deliver reliability and high availability while containing costs and optimizing efficiency.



Converging data networks and telecommunications systems mean the demand for systems security and availability is greater than ever. Liebert solutions protect mission-critical IP telephony systems and building automation communications networks to ensure the highest level of performance.