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Government IT

Protect and Secure your Critical Infrastructure

Emerson Network Power is the recognized leader bringing technological superiority, product breadth, service infrastructure and global presence. This unequalled industry expertise makes Emerson Network Power your logical partner for IT and facilities support contracts.

Emerson Network Power is trusted by such governmental entities such as the Department of Defense including Pentagon and the U.S. Armed Services, civilian agencies, intelligence agencies, as well as state, local and education agencies to protect their critical applications in support of their most important missions.

What's your challenge?


Energy Efficiency

You’re required to meet government mandates for increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Liebert solutions deliver reliability and high availability, while meeting government requirements for energy usage.


IT Facility Support

Safeguarding the IT component of the nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources requires a highly specialized set of equipment and expertise. Emerson Network Power’s Liebert Services provides support equipment, services and critical space know-how to handle all aspects of your support needs.


Security & Continuity of Operations / Disaster Recovery

Information systems are subject to many infrastructure threats that can adversely affect their performance. Liebert solutions provide maximum availability, from precision environmental control, to uninterruptible power, to critical space monitoring.



Converging data networks and telecommunications systems mean the demand for systems security and availability is greater than ever. Liebert solutions protect mission-critical IP telephony systems and ATM communications networks to ensure the highest level of performance.