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Facilities & Operations

Keep Systems Running Enterprise-Wide with Optimally-Engineered Technologies

Site expansion and consolidation, power grid threats, air balancing, and legacy mechanical issues – to name a few – bring daily challenges. Your business is counting on you to keep critical facilities and data centers humming.

Liebert power and cooling technologies help you create a network infrastructure that is ready for anything – unplanned outages, unpredictable growth, and unexpected technologies. The Liebert Adaptive Architecture creates power, cooling and monitoring platforms for IT systems that combine high reliability and flexibility while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.

What's your challenge?


Battery Management

Because batteries can fail prematurely—often without warning—they are the potential silent killer in your mission-critical protection systems. And your significant investment in back-up can fail as well, bringing down your vital systems. Emerson Network Power can help you maximize battery efficiency, minimize lifecycle costs and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.


Critical Power

Many facilities are experiencing a phenomenal growth in data centers—power draw continues to grow in dedicated computer rooms with network equipment, servers for data management, and network systems. Liebert power products and services ensure you gain a steady, clean supply of electricity for critical operations, ensuring a reliable flow of power, as new components arrive and electrical-distribution systems expand.


HVAC Management

Your HVAC systems need to efficiently and adequately keep equipment rooms cool to support increasingly dense electrical loads—while balancing precision cooling with traditional comfort air conditioning. Liebert products and services can efficiently and cost-effectively help you evolve your HVAC systems to meet growing cooling needs, whether in racks and cabinets, rows, or at the room level.

The increasingly critical nature of data centers is driving you to look for new ways to guarantee uninterrupted and efficient operation of the facilities. Facilities pros today take a holistic view of the entire network, and deploy outside services for optimal uptime assurance. Emerson Network Power offers a total service solution across your business-critical infrastructure—delivering uptime assurance, disaster recovery and optimized performance.


Security and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring can guard against loss of equipment and related data, keep equipment operating at peak efficiency, and increase network security. Liebert monitoring solutions deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems for single modules, entire data centers or all critical facilities in an enterprise.


Utility Cost

Investments in data centers are increasing due to rising utility rates. Liebert products help improve the efficiency of your data center using power-efficient and scalable UPS modules, intelligent monitoring, and specialized cooling equipment that can provide localized cooling of problem servers. The result is high-efficiency data center design that cuts operational costs and minimizes the anticipated continued growth in utility costs.